Inspiring: 100-year-old Man Still Volunteers 20 Hours A Week


“Wherever you turn, you can find someone who needs you,” said Albert Schweitzer. Volunteering is one of the most satisfying activities you can indulge in, and the following article proves that even age does not have to be a barrier. It is the story of a 100-year-old man who volunteers 20-hours a week.

Now, think about that in a time where many view the old with disdain or as a burden on society. The life of Harold Hager, according to Margaret Simmons, is proof that older volunteers are special in their own respect. Let us use this as an inspiration to put in some effort to help the less fortunate among us.

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100-Year-Old Man Still Volunteers 20 Hours a Week with Habitat for Humanity

By Margaret Simmons

Harold Hager, who turned 100 years old on May 17, volunteers 20 hours a week at a Habitat for Humanity in Steuben County, NY. Hager was honored at a recent event for volunteering more hours than any other volunteer at the organization — an honor he received for the second year in a row.

The World War II veteran started volunteering shortly after his wife passed away in 2010; not wanting to sit around idly, he started giving back to his community.

“We were together for 71 years and one month almost to the hour,” Hager told WENY News.

Now, Hager shows the same dedication to volunteering.

“He works the equivalent of about a twenty-hour work week,” said Matthew Harmer, marketing and outreach coordinator for Steuben County’s Habitat for Humanity.

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