11 Year Old Sews Masks For Homeless

“You know, everyone needs a place they can call home! They need people and a place to go which is theirs, a safe haven. A place to feel protected, where you can be yourself and unwind. A place where you are accepted. A safe roof over your head.” – Martha Begley Schade, Billa & Buster: The Circle of Kindness

11-year-old Georgia girl sews hundreds of masks for homeless

In Georgia as virus statistics continue to fluctuate, several cities have legislated mask requirements to protect its citizens from COVID-19. According to an article on 11Alive.com about the city of Atlanta, “Code enforcement officers will be authorized to enforce the mandate. Penalties for violations could include a citation, or, in strict enforcement, an arrest. If convicted, the sentence could include up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine.”

Most resident populations across the state can easily stay within city regulations by purchasing additional masks and keeping them in their vehicles, purses or briefcases to use as they cross city lines.  But for one population – the homeless – obtaining a mask, let alone purchasing additional ones, is not an easy solution.

When Holli Morgan, an 11-year-old girl in Dekalb County, GA, heard about the mandatory requirements, she wondered how the new mask laws would apply to homeless people in her area.  Holli loves sewing and had previously made hundreds of masks for local hospital workers when the pandemic broke out earlier this year. So, it was not a stretch for her to begin making masks for the homeless.

As of right now, she has sewn 580 masks and expects to make at least 1,200 total. According to her mother, April McMillian, “Ever since she was born, she’s always had this big heart.”  Her pastor, Dr. Kerwin Lee, stated “Throughout our [the church] 25-year history, we’ve seen many young people be used mightily by God to make a difference. I think the difference with Holli is that she’s making a difference during a season of pandemic.”

If you’d like to learn more about Holli or watch the 11Alive video coverage of her news story, click here.

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