Jacksonville Nonprofit Provides Home To Homeless Female Veterans

“Leave the shame behind and be proud, because you’re going to overcome this. I hope other women can find that inside of them.” – former client of Endeavors in Texas who rose above homelessness

Empathy is a very powerful force when a person has “walked in someone else’s shoes.” A recent example of this is Natalie Maracano-Sideberry, a case-manager for Northeast Florida Women Veterans which serves at risk veterans.  Marlene Waugh from The Daily Jacksonville News covered the story of the beautiful intersection of Maracano-Sideberry’s past and Northeast Florida Women Veterans’ future.

After serving in the Navy for 11 years, in 2016 Maracano-Sideberry spent a year living in her car because she had too much income according to national homeless support services standards.  Working at a job during the day and sleeping in various parking spots at night was really hard. Though it took a while, she was finally able to get off the streets.

Now, in April 2021, she is being presented as a success story as Northeast Florida Women Veterans is launching a new project called HerSPACE, which provide emergency shelter to female veterans and their children affected by homelessness. Dee Quaranta, the non-profit’s founder, explains that “Female veterans become homeless for the same ‘countless reasons’ as other people: evictions, job losses, broken relationships, and mental health problems, among others.”

HerSPACE, located in Jacksonville Beach, is a 3,000 SF four-bedroom home providing a safe place for female veterans to reside for a few days or up to six-months. For those staying more than three weeks, the “HerTOTALWellness” program is mandatory to learn to become self-sufficient.

Because Maracano-Sideberry understands the plight of homeless female veteran’s first-hand, her role as case manager gives her the opportunity to help other women find a way to overcome their challenging situations. “This is my passion … and I pick it up just thinking about how many women we protect, love, heal and help them have better tomorrow every day,” said Marcano-Sidberry.

To read the entire article about Marcano-Sideberry’s story, click here.

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