Coronavirus Generosity

Generosity Is Alive and Well During the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you want to know the latest trends on any subject, all you have to do is check with Google. Newsweek just released an article by Sophia Waterfield which shows that “Google searches on how to donate or help different groups of people affected [by the coronavirus are] at an all-time high.”  Due to the high-risk nature of healthcare workers in this crisis, Google even created a video thanking them for their commitment to serving others despite the danger to themselves.

In addition to the healthcare industry, people across the U.S. are very conscious of how shutdowns are affecting small businesses, shelters, food banks, youth programs, etc. Google searches show people are responding to this concern by hunting for links to proactively thank and support their local businesses and community organizations.

Generosity and compassion towards others are very important to offset the anxiety-filled world we currently live in. Waterfield’s article provides several different options for how to make a difference within current social distancing guidelines. For example, using Feeding America and Sustainable America’s website, you can search for local food banks to learn how to contribute to meet their needs. Food Donation Connection is another site for food service businesses that have perishable food items they wish to donate.

The neediest during times of national strife, according to Waterfield, are the youth, elderly and homeless.  She shares that the “AARP has a database of volunteer opportunities not only for the elderly but for soup kitchens, youth projects and neighborhood tutoring programs. Users only need to choose their location and when they can volunteer.”

The Army is also asking for help from retired servicemen and women to be medical volunteers for its COVID-19 pandemic response efforts. Eight medical roles are highlighted along with a link to a website to submit their name for duty recall.  Civilians can also support the armed forces through the AVC (Army Volunteer Corps) by registering on their website and reviewing volunteer opportunities.

You can read Westfield’s article here to access all of those links if you want to participate in any of those areas.

We, at Sheltering Grace, also welcome donations for the homeless mothers and babies we serve. Please contact us at 678-337-7858 to learn how you can help. Each mother and baby will be truly grateful for your kindness.

Sheltering Grace Ministry, Ltd. is a 501(c)3 Ltd. non-profit ministry. We resolve the initial crisis of homelessness by providing mothers with a safe place to live during pregnancy. We also equip them with the tools they need to improve decision-making, enhance employment options, and increase family income to act responsibly as the head of their household. All of our services develop their self-reliance to progress to permanent independent living. Please join us in renewing and rebuilding the lives of these brave women – #Be1of5000.

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